Please fill out the form below. It is important to fill in the self-assessment portion of the form. Upon submitting the registration form, you will be presented with an opportunity to pay for the DART CAMP event.
Have you been given a participation code? If so, please enter it here.
Price: $ 695.00
Includes lodging, meals, and participation in the CAMP

Attending Spouse

Will your non-riding spouse be attending the event with you? If your spouse will be attending the event and riding with the group, please answer "No" and have them submit their own registration form.

Bike and Skill Level Self-Assessment

Please rank your adventure riding skill level. We recommend using Bret Tkacs' rider skill rating system for assessment.

Supplemental Information

Adventure riding can be taxing and minor spills are not uncommon. Do you have any medical issues or physical limitations which we need to consider? If so, please describe briefly.
Please advise us what food restrictions/allergies/preferences we need to consider.

Fourteen days or more before the event, payment may be refunded minus a $50 processing fee. Within 14 days of the event, you may receive a 50% if you cancel your participation.
You will receive a separate email with instructions to provide a Release and Waiver of Liability, which is required to participate in the event.

MORE INFO? Feel free to call, text or email Vernon with any questions at (210) 218-4780 or